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Soda Colochos

Soda Colochos

Destination: Samara

It's one thing to eat fresh ceviche. It's a whole different thing to pull up to a soda and find the owner carving away at a 22-pound seabass that he's about to use in that fresh ceviche. That's what goes on at Soda Colochos in Playa Samara.

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The curly-haired fisherman and soda owner, Alexis Luis Jimenez isn't messing around when it comes to serving his clients the best of Samara's sea.

Show up to Soda Colochos and get right to it, starting with a zingy red snapper (or whatever the fresh catch is) ceviche, $6, melting away in your mouth from lime, red onion, red bell pepper and fresh chopped cilantro. There are few things better in this world than eating seafood right after you witness its preparation in action—and Soda Colochos is the poster child for that notion.

Just to prove it to your brain that you are not daydreaming about such incredible fish fantasy, get a typical Costa Rican casado with fish filet,  $5, served plated large and in charge, with spaghetti, sweet plantains, white rice, sauced black beans and a mixed salad with cucumber, red onion and tomato wedges.

Then, as you reflect on the preposterously fresh tastes of Alexis' ocean delicacies, wash it all down with a cold natural juice drink, $2, blended with ice and fresh pineapple.


Just about how you'd picture a place where fresh fish are being carved on a wooden table out front. Laid back, and full of locals. Also, when you sit down, make sure you don't steal the seat of any of the dogs, cats, or chickens roaming around the restaurant from the farm next door.


Besides providing the occasional live-action fish carving entertainment, which is quite an enjoyable spectacle, the wait staff is good for a chilled conversation about the weather, fishing, soccer or whatever else you're into.


Entrees $5-$20


11 a.m.- 3p.m., and 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. daily

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