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El Sabor de Mi Tierra

El Sabor de Mi Tierra

Destination: Samara

A meal at El Sabor de Mi Tierra glimpses into culture beyond cuisine, serving classic dishes in a breezy roadside restaurant neighboring authentic Costa Rican coastal town landmarks: the soccer field, school and main beach entrance.

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Classic #1 – The fresh fruit drink

El Sabor de Mi Tierra starts eager vacationers with natural watermelon, papaya, banana or pineapple blended drinks in water or milk, $2.25, paired with a fresh fruit garnish, showcasing the very best of Costa Rica's sweet, abundant agriculture.

Classic #2 – The Gallo Pinto

There's an added perk to El Sabor de Mi Tierra's menu: they serve gallo pinto (mixed rice and beans) at any time of the day – not just during breakfast – plated alongside grilled chicken breast, fried plantains, avocado, corn tortillas and local fresh tomato wedges.

Classic #3 – The fresh seafood

Also, El Sabor de Mi Tierra wants you get the best of the sea - all at once  -  in a mixed ceviche, $10, with octopus, shrimp, red snapper, avocado, seasoned with cilantro, red bell pepper, lime, served with plantain and tortilla chips.

Classic #4 – The Casado

And it's only a complete Costa Rican eating experience when you leave completely stuffed; El Sabor de Mi Tierra's cute local cook will make sure you do with her casados, $8, abounding chicken stewed with local red bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, Picadillo (chopped vegetables marinated in Lizano sauce), corn tortillas, Patacones (fried green plantains), fried plantains, mixed salad, white rice and black beans.


Smack dab on Main Street in Samara, the restaurant endows cherry glazed wood, tribal masks, patriotic flags, cattle horns mounted to the back wall, and an upstairs balcony for group events.


The staff is incredibly polite and formal even within Samara's ultra-casual beach town atmosphere.


Appetizers $4-$8; Entrees $8-$12; Drinks $1.50-$2.50


11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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