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Lo Que Hay

Lo Que Hay

Destination: Samara

It is what it is at Lo Que Hay in Playa Samara — and what it is, is good vibes, good drinks, good food and great prices. Still not sure what 'it' is? Head over to the beachfront hangout for tacos and a drink or two, and you'll figure it out.

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At Lo Que Hay, the beer just keeps flowing — unlike the money from your pocket. They've got chilled Costa Rican beers, Pilsen and Imperial for just $2. And luckily, they've got other parts of the world covered too, imported Guinness, Hoegaarden, Stella, Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brown, and Carlsberg, for $4.

Cocktails are free spirited and creative, changing almost daily according to current events or what the bartenders feel like whipping up. For example, during a World Cup 2014 soccer match between Holland and Spain, the specialty cocktail was sangria, $5, floating with ice cubes and crisp red apple chunks.

Lo Que Hay's fun drinks are even more enjoyable paired with a bite to eat; grilled jalapeno peppers, $5, stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, flame in your mouth with a tingling sensation leaving you craving for more beer. Or, you can fuel your fire a different way with mix-and-match single tacos, $2, and three-taco combination platters, $6.

All of the tacos are magnificent, but if you ask us, we say combo these:

  • Spicy Mexican chorizo, stuffed with pico de gallo salsa and shredded cheddar cheese

  • Zesty slow roasted mojo pork, folded with cabbage and southwestern cream sauce

  • Tangy grilled steak, green bell pepper and onion fajita, filled with guacamole


It's like your favorite hometown taco shop got picked up, dropped on the Costa Rican beachfront, cleaned up a bit, and added a bar, an extensive cocktail menu, and live music (Tuesdays 8 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.). 


Sprightly Owners Megan Kennedy and Louis Abado are awesome, joking around and making guests feel instantly like friends, without compromising efficiency and professionalism.


Appetizers $4-$7; Entrees $2-$10; Drinks $2-$6


7 a.m. – midnight

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