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Mr. Lelluz

Mr. Lelluz

Destination: Samara

The lusty aroma of garlic sauteing in Italian olive oil wafts over from Mr. Lelluz's beachfront gates, beckoning your tipsy taste buds to submit to late night pleasure. Give in to the temptation, because by that point in the night, nobody's judging you anyway.

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Italian Owner Paolo Carrea opened Mr. Lelluz as a place for Samara partiers to continue carousing all night, making sure they'd have food in their bellies along the way. Using original recipes from Italy and his own late-night cravings, Carrea created a menu of enticing pastas, sandwiches, snacks, and bruschetta to induce a second-wind for more carrying-on with beach town nonsense.

Any of the homemade pastas will do the trick; an enormous plate of ravioli Bolognese, $11, al dente and covered in steaming meat sauce is sure to minimize tomorrow's hangover. And depending on how many bars you visited earlier in the night, you may do well with a serving of spaghetti, $6, tossed with chili, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil.

Pucker your partying lips on a strawberry daiquiri, $6, garnished with whole berries — just to really ensure you're loosened up for playing pool or dancing to the live disk jockey for the rest of the night (and early morning).


Hipster Banksy graffiti artwork on the walls, multicolored lights, and white couches filled with a crowd of partiers who know how to treat their taste buds after a crazy night at the beach.


Bartenders are super relaxed, yet still hospitable and respectable, open to providing you with whatever type of night you want to have.


10:30 a.m. – all night, or 3 a.m., (whichever comes first)


Appetizers $3-$6; Entrees $6-$14; Drinks $2-$6

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