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Riding a bus to Sierpe in Costa Rica

Riding a bus to Sierpe in Costa Rica

Riding a bus to Sierpe in Costa Rica

Destination: Sierpe

Aside from the lack of A/C and language barrier, riding a bus in Costa Rica was a moderately comfortable experience, no different than taking a bus, or other public transportation, somewhere in the states.

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Just like if I were taking a bus back home in Colorado, I would arrive at the bus station about half an hour before bus scheduled departure time and would purchase the ticket in broken Spanish. Then, all I would do is figure out which gate the bus loads up (pointer: it 's not always where the ticket teller says it will, be) and wait (second pointer: the bathrooms aren’t free.)

Once I located the bus gate number, I was shepherded into a line with the other passengers to check my bag and show my ticket. I kept my ticket on hand so I wouldn’t temporarily misplace it for minimal stress.

Unlike some public transportation I have taken in the states before, seats are assigned on the bus so I made my way to seat 39 and made myself as comfortable as a five-foot-eight-inch tall person could be with minimal leg room.

The bus trip to Sierpe lasts about six hours and makes several stops at restaurants and convenience stores, about three if I remember correctly. These stops were nice to get up and stretch my legs, use the bathroom, or purchase water or other snacks.

Make sure to pay close attention, if it weren’t for my travel partner asking the bus driver when our stop was, I would have certainly missed it because stops are not announced over a loudspeaker like on the public transportation I am used to in the U.S.

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