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Barbilla National Park

Barbilla National Park

Quick Facts

  • Location : 12 miles southeast of Siquirres
  • Area : 29,514 acres
  • Telephone : 2200-5355

On the Caribbean slopes of the Talamanca Mountain Range, Barbilla National Park is one of Costa Rica's least-visited national parks. The reserve's green canopy extends for miles, home to a huge variety of mammals, birds and plant life. Here, nature is king, and only small clearings carved out for human habitation mark the emerald horizon. As the age-old home to the Cabecar Indigenous Tribe, Barbilla National Park holds historical, cultural and environmental significance.

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The park’s virgin rainforest is kept verdant year-round by 140-180 inches of annual rainfall, and its humid temperatures support a multitude of flora and fauna. Turkey hens, hawks and tapirs join endangered and protected species, among them sun heron, puma, jaguar and ocelot. Together, these animals create an ecologically rich paradise for bird watchers, animal lovers, hikers and nature photographers.


Average Temperature: 64-82° F
Annual Rainfall: 140-180 inches


Hiking and wildlife watching are the park’s biggest attractions. The Dantas River and Ayil Lagoon are very beautiful sites, and can be reached on foot. Rugged trails run throughout the park, but most are unmarked. Notify a ranger before entering the park, and be sure to indicate the length of your stay. A trained guide is strongly recommended.


The Barbilla Biological Station, located at Brisas de Pacuarito, offers potable water, toilets, radio communication and electricity. A park ranger is usually on-call to answer questions and provide help. Camping is permitted at Barbilla National Park. However, there are no cabins, hookups or other services available to campers.

Getting There:

The park's primary entrance is located two miles outside of Siquirres, along the highway to Limon. After turning off the highway, follow a dirt road for roughly ten miles to the town of Brisas de Pacuarito.

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