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Destination: Samara

LuvBurger has a health mission: save the world one hamburger — or lack thereof — at a time. Bringing their 'guilt-free food' philosophy to Samara, Canadian Owners Sandra Price and Fabrizio Pilato make absolutely everything at LuvBurger from scratch - free of chemicals, preservatives, processed ingredients and of course, meat.

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Your wellbeing starts with their dynamic drinks - fresh fruit smoothies, $5-$6, and probiotic-packed Kombucha tea, $3-$5 depending on size, in all different flavors. Name a fruit and a spice, and they're probably fermenting them into Kombucha tea:

  • mango, ginger

  • turmeric, ginger, black pepper

  • strawberry, melon, hibiscus

  • watermelon, lime

The mission to save the world with burgers really seems probable with the coconut-bacon cheeseburger, $8, soy-free vegan patty, topped with smoky pan-seared strips of coconut, barbeque sauce, cashew cream cheese, cucumber, onion, lettuce and sliced tomato, all on a vegan-multigrain wheat bun. Plus, the burgers have a superhero sidekick, cast iron skillet yucca-root fries, $2, dusted with sweet-and-spicy Cajun seasoning, served with a side of house ketchup made with garlic, cloves and allspice.

By the way, Sandra's daily handmade sweets are dairy, gluten and guilt-free. The raw blueberry cheesecake, $3, with walnut-date-ginger crust is basically revolutionary in the world of dessert.


Inside the Patio Colonial Strip mall on Main Street, next to the Samara Yoga Center and Samadhi Spa, LuvBurger's a healthy escape of its own; sit up at the high-top bar and watch the staff prep ingredients, down on floor cushions in the den, or out front in the garden.


LuvBurger's creators are inspiring, genuine and sincere in every word they say and every meal they serve.


Breakfast $6-$7; Lunch $5-$8; Desserts $3-$5; Drinks $3-$6


9 a.m. -5p.m. Monday-Saturday

10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday

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