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Chora Island

Chora Island

Quick Facts

  • Type : Wildlife Refuge
  • Area : 12.35 acres (5 hectares)
  • Activities : Kayaking, SUPing, Swimming, Sunbathing, Snorkeling

In the lapping of the waves upon the pink sand beach of Chora Island, after plunging to the ocean from a boat or simply placing your paddles ashore, or swimming across from the southern end of Samara, you are enchanted in a blissful moment of peace and serenity; you breath and look not believing that so much beauty is real!

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Don a mask, snorkel and some flippers then head out among the rocks and reef off Chora Island. You are likely to encounter giant hawk fish, Cortez rainbow wrasse, spotted sharp-nosed, golden phase puffer, spotted porcupine fish and Zebra moray, Jewl morays and tiger snake eel amongst brain and porites coral. Hawksbill turtles are sometimes spotted.

Meanwhile, back on shore, have your snack ready for a picnic lunch. The clean air, the scenery and all the activities will excite your appetite. Make sure you do not leave anything for the raccoons, black iguanas and lizards that inhabit the island! Discover the small cave and finally take a nap, sunbathe hearing the sound of the ocean or join a meditation or yoga group that may be at the island from time to time.

A mile offshore from Samara' southern point, Chora Island rises from the sea as a dramatic inaccessible rock cliff with small caves bristling with Wet Indian Jazmin, barrigon wood and sea Indian almond trees and cactus, and swallow-tail kites, pelicans, black vultures fluttering around.

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