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Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Destination: Santa Teresa

Costa Rican seafood twists in a Spanish-recipe spiral at Red Snapper, serving only the absolute freshest catch sourced daily from fishermen exclusively in the Mal Pais, Tambor and Cambute ports.

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Red Snapper's menu is sorted simply: appetizers, fried, red snapper, grilled, baked or paella. Pick any of Spanish Co-Owner Cesar Carmona's recipes and his European-trained Argentine Chef, Maximiliano Gabari, will prepare your tender feast accordingly.

Spoon seafood Criolla (typical Argentine salsa) over freshly baked bread as you watch flames blaze in the small kitchen of the intimate restaurant. Once you're ready for appetizer action, hook line and sinker into shrimp pil-pil $9, jalapeños, roasted garlic and olive oil, paprika, served with warm sliced bread.

For the main snag, reel in a red snapper in chef's sauce, $17, flambéed in rum, topped with raisin, mushroom, sour cream and tomato sauce, served over sautéed thin sliced potatoes, caramelized onion and red bell pepper. Or, share a pan of lobster paella, $32. All the while, be sure you're doing the Spaniards proud with a glass of house red wine, $6, or saluting Costa Rica with a passion fruit margarita, $7.

Like a fish tempted into biting bait, follow your heart and order a scoop of chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream, $5, doused in Triple Sec, topped with strawberries.


White painted wood tables edge around a rancho with a lofty ceiling, all decorated with white curtains hung on pillars. The partially outdoor restaurant is arranged almost in circle, so you can see the chef running the tiny kitchen while you're seated at any of the tables on the opposite perimeter.


Proud of the products Red Snapper serves, and even prouder of its seafood proficiency


Appetizers $8-$10; Entrees $13-$32; Desserts $5; Drinks $3-$7;


5 p.m.-10 p.m., closed Wednesdays

Closed September and October 2014

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