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Montezuma Waterfalls

Montezuma Waterfalls

Quick Facts

  • Entrance Fee : Free; parking $2-4 U.S. dollars
  • Good for : Swimming, sunbathing, cliff diving

Hidden under the rainforest canopy, the gorge opens exposing the Montezuma River tumbling over – in less than a quarter of a mile - the upper, middle and lower Montezuma Waterfalls plunging more than 90 feet to the river below.

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The Lower Falls

Before, standing on a rock besides the towering 90 plus foot (30 meters) Montezuma Waterfall, thoughts come to your mind - Someone better stop me … please someone stop me - until you leap from one side of the waterfall toward the roaring water frothing below. You can hear the crash of the water pounding into the water. Try going feet first and work your way up to headfirst dives and follow the example and advise of the locals who jump! Check the water level before you jump!

Sunbathe on the rocks in front of the waterfall. Picnic at the edge of the pond hearing the droplets of water hitting the river shores and mingle with the locals who often visit this fall. Please pack your trash and drop it in any of the trash cans in town.

Local daring souls rock climb on the right side of the waterfall up to the middle waterfall – it is dangerous do not try it. Wise travelers use an unmarked trail leading up to the middle and upper falls.

How to get there?

Start at the coastal dirt road close to the Hotel Amor de Mar, follow the river upstream for 20 minutes and soak up the scenery of the Montezuma river valley, rocks clad as they were in living greens; slopes dashed with sunshine and mottled with shadows from the tall trees; trunks of trees, vines and branching roots all interlaced and mingled; explore this fairyland with shoes perfect for slippery situations.

The Upper Fall

A clear-water swimming hole stretches across the gorge between granite walls reverberating the sound of the gushing 16-foot (five meters) upper falls.

Sunbathe on the boulders above the pond, swing in the rope dangling from a tree to plunge into the pool, wade to the water edge and glimpse above the middle falls.

The upper falls is more secluded and it is a resting spot for those who take the canopy tour in Montezuma. Usually people stay for 25 minutes, swim, cliff jump and then continue the tour.

The Middle Fall

Follow a steep trail to the right of the upper falls swimming hole, detour to the right side and you will see a rope to descend or rock climb from the right side of the lower falls and continue further up to find the magical waterfall slipping 39 feet (12 meters) into the gorge.

The middle falls is the most difficult to get to. You will have to come in to the lower or the upper falls and then trek up or down a steep trail.

How to get there?

The most popular way to get to the waterfalls is to get into the Montezuma River and hike upstream on the river valley until you get to the lower falls. The entrance to the river trail is near La Cascada Restaurant, over the bridge on the main dirt road to Cabuya. There is an empty lot that works as a parking lot for visitors - $2 U.S. dollars for parking.

The other way is to get to the upper falls via the Sun Trails Canopy property, then you follow a steep trail to find the middle falls. Drive up to the offices of Sun Trail Canopy and park – a $4 U.S. dollar parking fee. The clerk will point you to the trail to the upper, middle and lower falls.

Montezuma Waterfalls in Pictures

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