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  • Summary : tranquil, remote, and totally undeveloped

Away from anything that's even remotely familiar to most travelers, Cabuya's surf pounds the untouched crag-crowned rugged rock-strewn – exposed at low tide – a three mile shore, studded with luxuriant forest and palm trees, broken by river mouths that feed the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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Cabuya's sunrises and sunsets seduce your spirit with a soulful experience the color of the clouds changing the red-orange rays of the sun and reflect the light to the ground making the cobble and rock glow to the dawn and twilight hues giving a unique experience that moves you forever.

Cabuya is a fishing hamlet where locals live longer than the average 85+ with one dirt road intersection that takes you to Montezuma, Mal Pais or Santa Teresa. Cabuya is the entryway to the official entrance to the inland forest trails of the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve.

Seasoned local surfers will boat or drive to Cabuya to tackle its waves on the outer reef breaking over the right side of Cabuya Island. Distance and rocks do not seem to matter to most surfers when Cabuya's surf conditions (very inconsistent) are right with heavy waves that can be up to 12 feet tall.

Intrepid travelers stroll at low tide the half-mile long sandbar toward a deserted Cabuya Island to peak in the graveyards of the local cemetery. Others prefer to snorkel in the reef behind to the left of the island searching for sea hares, anemones, small fish and sea stars.

Kayakers navigate through the rock strewn shore to the open ocean when the swell is low to see relaxing reflections of the sky on the water that remind them they are alive.

Families with kids hang out in a sandy stretch sheltered by a rocky reef near the Hotel Cabo Blanco and use the restaurant of the hotel and facilities to eat and drink.

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