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Playa Curu

Playa Curu

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  • Location : Curu Wildlife Refuge

Playa Curu's light-brown sands are the westernmost extension of a gorgeous wildlife refuge flaunting 900 species of plants and animals across 3,697 acres. In an early morning walk along the beachfront, it's tempting to start a collection of the fantastic orange, pink, brown and white polka dotted crab shells, but it's best you leave them there so Curu preserves its immaculate natural beauty

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Mellow sapphire waters at Curu invite nature lovers to take a dip in their whimsical waves after a full day of hiking and wildlife watching throughout the park. Or, visitors adventure out deeper into the waves for a snorkeling boat tour to explore moray eels sliding between rocky canyons, along with any number of grouper, parrot fish, sergeant majors, starfish, or queen angelfish swimming around the purple-tinted reefs beside Tortuga Islands.

Hike 20 minutes to the peak of the Mirador trail in the refuge, where you can see incredible views of Playa Curu, Tortuga Islands 2.5-miles yonder, and a slivered glimpse at Playa Quesera when you extend your neck far enough to see around the mountainside.

Back on the mainland inside the refuge, Curu dining hall serves typical Costa Rican breakfast, lunch and dinner for just $10 per meal. Guests can also rent a cabin to stay overnight in rustic accommodations 160 feet from the waterline of Playa Curu.

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