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Montezuma Restaurant

Montezuma Restaurant

Destination: Montezuma

Enter the Montezuma Restaurant from the rugged coast in Montezuma, find Barcelona's Costa Brava-inspired seafood delicacies paired with wild-and-crazy Sangria, and discover succulence.

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So wake up from that beach nap and get right into Montezuma Restaurant to start on a pitcher of sangria, $13, bursting with bananas, orange, watermelon, liquor and sugar. Ensure you avoid a goofy sugar-rush with an order of marlin Carpaccio, $7, garlic, minced parley, olive oil, or smoked swordfish Carpaccio, $7, sprinkled with lime on a bed of sliced green onion and shredded lettuce, both served with baguette toasts.

Honor the traditions of Cataluña for the main course, Zarzuela de Mariscos a la Catalana (Traditional Catalan Seafood Stew), $14 per person, shrimp, squid, clams, octopus, seasonal white fish filet simmered in tomato and brandy sauce, served in a ceramic hot pot along with a plate of mashed potatoes and white rice, steamed squash, carrots, celery, and red bell pepper.

Do it big with fruit for dessert: banana or pineapple flambé, $3, with a scoop of ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce.


Montezuma's eager waves crash to the shore right underneath the restaurant's lofted front balcony.


Spanish laid-back hospitality with a Costa Rican upgrade: attentive, upbeat, and responsive.


7:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Appetizers: $6-$9; Entrees: $6-$20; Drinks $2-$8

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