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Chico's Bar

Chico's Bar

Destination: Montezuma

Chico's Bar has a magical magnetic force about it – attracting Montezuma's medley of tipsy tourists and liquor-loving local partiers to its seaside bar and dance floor for a wild fun time at just about any time of the day. Whether it’s an Imperial beer and a beach view, kooky conversation over piña coladas, fire dancing displays, or a mini-lesson on salsa dancing, you'll surely find some way to turn the Chico's Bar experience into a radical travel journal memory.

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Chico's has made a whopping name for itself in Montezuma and outer towns, and it's definitely a crazy-cultural experience you shouldn't miss. At a minimum, stick your head inside the breezy bar extending from the main street in Montezuma down to the beach, even just to see the silly dancing and drinking shenanigans taking place within.


Chico's bartenders know how important it is to drink as much and fast as possible spending very little money - so that should work in your favor.


Piña coladas $7


11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily

Reggae night Thursdays

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