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Cabuya Bakery

Cabuya Bakery

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They say "Cabuya's a forgotten town,",but Cabuya Bakery is edible evidence against that. Yes, Cabuya-native Owner Yeilith Maria Morales Paniagua's breads, cakes (carrot, chocolate, vanilla, apple, red velvet and more), nut bars, and scrumptious cookies do have a sprinkle or two of sugar – but hey, you are on vacation.

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You'll remember the Cabuya Bakery for more reasons than a slice of hybrid chocolate/apple strudel cake, $5, and an organic-chocolate banana smoothie blended in milk, $4, topped with whipped cream and fudge.

Yeilith also makes killer gallo pinto, casados, sandwiches and local seafood plates. And remember: no matter how full you get on her tasty main dishes, on the way out, make sure you grab a bag of giant elephant ears, or her signature fried puff pastry rolled in sugar and filled with guava jelly.


Yeilith refuses to refer to her business as a restaurant, because to her that label implies a formal wait staff wearing ties serving meals onto linen-topped tables. At Cabuya Bakery, you'll sit on plastic chairs at laminated wood tables, decorated with tropical flowers attracting hummingbirds as you eat. Also, there's no alcohol, cigarettes or pets allowed.


When you're in line at the bakery counter, Yeilith will tell you she treats all people the same; so wait patiently for your turn, it's worth it. Plus, this is the most social interaction you'll find in Cabuya.


Breakfast $3-7; Lunch $7-12; Baked goods $2-$6; Drinks $3-$5


6:30a.m. -8:30 p.m., closed Tuesdays

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