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Soda Marbella

Soda Marbella

Destination: Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

Between the spirited blend of English, Spanish and French conversation and the sounds of the gulf water lapping at the bay, Soda Marbella captures that vibe where saltwater breeze, tourists and locals intersect.

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The decor is a modest combination of teal-painted walls and metal siding, concrete floors and plastic chairs and the bathroom is a tad dungeon-esque — but nevermind all of that when the Ceviche hits the table.

Served with a hefty side of patacones, the soda’s most popular dish brings a bright and fresh flash of citrus and sea-fare to your taste buds and leaves without any fishy after-taste.

The ceviche is just one among a slew of options on the menu, which specializes in seafood. Choices are inexpensive and the portions are aplenty, including anything from fish sandwiches to barbeque chicken wings or burgers to fajitas. Gargantuan helpings of golden-hued Arroz con Pollo and savory chicken fajita platters will fill you up without emptying your wallet.

The fried fish platter, in comparison, was rather underwhelming, tasting almost like fish sticks you might find frozen at your nearest grocery store.

But the fresh fruit juices such as pineapple or papaya made up for it. Those will quench your thirst for that tropical sweet tooth. They’re the type of liquid that make all of those bottled fruit juices at your local grocery store jealous.

Perched against the town’s main beachfront road, Soda Marbella’s prime spot allows you to gaze out at the where your meal came from.


The wait staff was friendly and quick, and brought out meals about 15 minutes after ordering.


$4 for appetizers to about $9 for meals


11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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