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Cafeteria Monka

Cafeteria Monka

Destination: Puerto Jimenez

At a Glance

    • Good prices
    • Variety of good tasting food

The talk of the town serves food that just might bring you closer to Zen. Cafeteria Monka is a feel-good, clean restaurant with youthful energy pulsing through its walls. This place still believes in the power of the old school brick oven to cook its chicken and judging by the taste, nobody should tell them any different!

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With bamboo stick curtains, wooden tables, a red-cedar-bark counter and an outdoor patio that melts into the culture-filled streets, this open-air cafeteria seems to have ambiance figured out.


Dishes are flavorsome from the seasoning and fresh thanks to the local sourcing of its cheeses, eggs and limes. Good breakfast choices include the Pinto con Huevos, $5, scrambled eggs, rice and beans seasoned with cilantro, bell pepper and onion, and toast with butter. Or, continental breakfast, $5, scrambled eggs, toasts and a bowl of mixed fruit.


Compliment your breakfast with a $3 smooth cappuccino. Just add one packet of sugar and enjoy the cinnamon layered foam. Sip on the $3 passion fruit smoothie, both flavorful and revitalizing.


Friendly Spanish-speaking servers


Breakfast: $4-5
Lunch: $6-7


Mon.-Sat. 6 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sun 6-11 a.m. (breakfast only)
Seats up to 40 people


Backed by an inspirational entrepreneurial story, Carlos Montero used to work as a baker across the street from Cafeteria Monka's current location. After noticing that cappuccinos were getting popular, he purchased a machine in 2012 and opened the first and only café in town. It became so successful that he doubled in size from a 300 to a 600 square foot location and extended the menu to become a full restaurant. The menu is based on a mixture of local favorites and the most common dishes for tourists.

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