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Soda La Pata de Chancho

Soda La Pata de Chancho

Destination: Arenal

Arriving with a steaming cup of coffee to soothe my debilitating caffeine addiction, the server took my order while I watched two chefs busying themselves behind the lunch counter preparing for the midday rush. Nothing tempts my empty stomach like listening to the sizzling of pork chops and chopping of fresh vegetables. That's what I like about La Pata de Chancho, it makes you crave the food before it hits the table.

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My plate of casado came piled with food; a home-style pork chop smothered in fried onions, stir-fried multi-colored veggies, fried sweetened plantains, a side salad splashed with fresh squeezed citrus, a slice of Costa Rican cheese, plus a tower of rice and a little bowl of black beans – a hearty meal for a good price.


Across from Don Rufino, La Pata de Chanco's a large outdoor soda covered by a thatch roof shading the lunch counter and a wooden deck with orange and green tables.


The staff is friendly and casual. The menus are in both Spanish and English; a nice touch considering many sodas don't even bother with menus at all.


$5 for Casado; most dishes are between $4 and $8.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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