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Musashi's Sushi

Musashi's Sushi

Destination: Arenal

Quick Facts

  • Location : 1 block west from the Central Park

At a Glance

    • Great views of downtown Fortuna
    • Japanese ambiance
    • Endearing staff
    • Creative Costa Rican Fusion Rolls
    • Speciality rolls are pricey

Yes, there's a sushi bar in the middle of downtown La Fortuna. Though I had some reservations about trying Costa Rican sushi, I'm open to any restaurant that doesn't pair rice with beans. Open for just over a year, Musashi's has two locations one in Monterverde and the other in Arenal.

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Out of the 31 different rolls, Chef Alejandro recommended his personal favorite, the Volcano roll, a tempura battered California roll topped with house-marinated tuna, chives, ginger and fish eggs – it didn't disappoint though eating it was a little messy.

For the adventurous, his fusion rolls blend Costa Rican flavors with Japanese cuisine like the Tsunami roll; Tempura battered plantains, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Besides rolls, Musashi's got Japanese ramen, Teriyaki bowls and typical Japanese appetizers like miso, edamame and gyozas (they described them as steamed empanadas).

Musashi's is also one of the few places in town serving Japanese beers like Asahi, Sapporo and Kirin. Plus they've got a sake list, green, jasmine and black tea; and even plum wine. 


Musashi's has arguably the best location in all of La Fortuna; open-air casual dining on the second story of Hotel Jireh overlooking the park and the church across from the most happening bar (Lava Lounge). Replete with sushi-sheik, the restaurant has a sushi bar showing the day's selection of fresh fish, the typical black décor, little square plates with cherry blossoms, chopsticks with holders and a chef donning a rising sun bandana.


Sitting up at the sushi bar, I was taken care of by Chef Alejandro. He was polite, friendly and genuinely interested in the quality of the food.


Classic rolls like the California go for $9, Spicy Tuna for $8 while specialty rolls like Musashi's version of the Caterpillar roll run for about $15. Entrees like Ramen, Yakisoba and Terriyaki bowls range between $11 and $13.


Lunch and dinner; 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

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