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Pocosol Station

Pocosol Station

Destination: Arenal

At a Glance

    • Secluded trails
    • 150-foot waterfall, fumaroles, and lagoons
    • Comfortable lodging

In the evenings, mist rolls in on the warm breezes congealing over the canopies and taking on a sapphire hue as sun's setting rays' stream through fog over the station at Pocosol Station. An eco-lodge hidden in the depths of the Children's Eternal Rainforest near the Penas Blancas Dam, Pocosol is an escape into Costa Rica's mystical and primordial rainforest replete with bubbling mud pits, moss-lined creeks, still-glass lagoons and a 150-foot waterfall.

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Six miles of trails crawl through the terrain around the mountains of primary and secondary premontane rainforest (dense, forest that grows on the sides of mountains) encapsulating Pocosol. Around the lodge, a flock of Montezuma's oropendulas nest in a tree beside the dining hall every April and May. Besides the beautiful and large golden-tailed oropendulas, an astounding variety of birds live in the trees surrounding the station like Passerini's tangers, blue and grey tanagers, golden hooded tanagers, keel-billed and chestnut-mandible toucans, rufous-tailed humming birds and more.

To get to Pocosol, you'll need to drive to the town of La Tigra southeast of the Arenal Volcano. From La Tigra drive eight miles down a meandering dirt road past the Penas Blancas Dam. At the end, you'll find Pocosol.


Built only four years ago, the lodge at Pocosol has beautiful albeit simple lodgings. Large glass windows and modest patios look out over the rainforest in each of its seven rooms. At $52 per adult and $38 per student, the rooms have mahogany wood floors, two sets of bunk beds, desks, dressers and private bathrooms – plus three meals a day included in the room rate. Power is available in the evenings from 6 to 9 p.m., but unfortunately there's no hot water.

Services & Amenities

Beside the lodge, there's a brand new dining hall. Exposed rafters line the vaulted ceiling, underneath a yellow light glows in the evenings signaling dinner will be ready soon. In the kitchen, Alejandro, or one of the other chefs/forest rangers prepares meals for guests.

Besides, the care that chefs like Alejandro put into cooking, it's apparent the love they have for the rainforest and all its creatures. Once, during lunch, a rufous-tailed hummingbird flew in through the open doors of the dining hall and ran into wall, knocking itself unconscious. Alejandro picked up the injured bird, spread its wings, massaged its chest and blew fresh air in its face until it woke. Cautiously, he set the bird on the patio's railing. Before long it was back on its feet. Another moment and it was gone.

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