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Rancho Perla

Rancho Perla

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Known for its seafood, Rancho Perla tempts patrons with its creative flare shown off in dishes like its honey ginger glazed tuna and coconut stuffed snook filet. While you'll still find local traditional cuisine including grilled garlic, butter sea bass, Head Chef and Owner Perla menu contrasts other local restaurants in his selection of fish that includes mahi-mahi, salmon, trout and snook.

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Dinner at Rancho Perla features a comprehensive menu of pasta, steak, fish and vegetarian choices beneath a 50-foot tall cabana draped in palm fronds. Well-informed servers urge guests to try some of Perla's most creative dishes before yielding to comfort food.

The Tuna ceviche, $7, has thick slices of avocado that peek out the top of the mild, citrus marinade hiding tender bites of tuna, onion and red pepper – a twist on the Costa Rican staple usually served with sea bass. The grilled mahi-mahi and mussels, $14, spiced with a thick wasabi cream sauce – it has a bite - that tastes better than it looks.


A five-story-tall palm frond cabana hangs over the patio at Rancho Perla, just across the street from La Fortuna's central park. Underneath the cabana, wooden tables set with white napkins give a comfortable, tropical, (if not slightly conflicted) fine dining vibe.


The staff is well informed about the menu and will offer recommendations to suit a guest's tastes (not wallet-size).


Appetizers $5-$9; Entrees $8-$50; Desserts $5-$7


11:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

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