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Punto Fusion

Punto Fusion

Destination: Arenal

Punto Fusion is a refreshing break from typical Costa Rican fare. Drawing on the region's fresh produce, dairy and beef, Punto Fusion combines local flavors in international dishes. Take for instance Punto Fusion's caprese salad; slices of mozzarella made from local dairy, layered between fresh organic tomato slices, garnished with local-grown basil, finished off with a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

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As an entree, my server recommended the grass-fed Guanacaste top sirloin, medium-rare served with seasonable vegetables and melted herb butter baked potato paired with a glass of house red wine. The steak came with a dark brown crust crisscrossed with grill marks and a warm red center. Though the beef was a little chewier than most North American beef, I took it as a testament to the cattle's free-range lifestyle.

Despite the upscale flare showcased in the cuisine, Punto Fusion remains a casual dining experience where guests can order Gazpacho or Tom Yum Goong beside cheeseburgers or tacos.


A small two-story restaurant decorated with splashes of orange and green, the restaurant's second story has the best views in La Fortuna; looking out over the park and Arenal Volcano.


Eager to recommend dishes that suit your personal taste, the bilingual staff is friendly and helpful.


About half as much as you'd be paying for similar dishes down the street at Don Rufino's, entrees range between $8-$14. The restaurant also features three course daily specials with natural juice for $7 dollars.


Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the cafe and restaurant are open 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

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