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Hotel Los Lagos, Spa and Resort

Hotel Los Lagos, Spa and Resort

Destination: Arenal

Quick Facts

  • Location : 3.7 miles (6 km) west of La Fortuna town
  • Property size : 1,483 acres (600 hectares); 49.4 acres (20 hectares) surrounding the hotel premises
  • Natural Resources : 5 natural hot springs, 2 lakes
  • Capacity : 108 total rooms; 40 standard; 64 superior, 4 premium, 5 guide rooms
  • Conference rooms : 2; one for 500 guests and the other one for 100

With Sweeping views of two private lakes and San Carlos lowland Valley from a knoll at the skirts of Arenal Volcano, Los Lagos Resort and Spa excites guests with 1,483 acres (600 hectares) of meadows, pastures and forest with hiking trails, horseback tours, a zip line and an opportunity to unwind at their hot spring soaking pools with slides for kids and families.

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During the early 80's the property was a campground for Costa Rican families who wanted to sleep by the lakes and that is where the hotel got its name. Los Juncos and Los Lirios Lakes are two old volcano craters blocked during volcanic activity and filled with water from streams from the grounds


Los Lagos Resort and Spa feature 108 rooms facing the volcano scattered around manicured tropical gardens at the bottom and on a hillside overlooking La Fortuna town and the San Carlos Valley.

Standard rooms – sleep up to 4 people – come with a one double size bed with a one or two rollaway beds. Rooms feature private bathroom, hot water, hair drier, air conditioning, cable T.V., mini-fridge, safety box, electric door locks.

Superior rooms – sleep up to 6 people – feature two queen and two rollaway beds, either wide windows overlooking the volcano or a terrace. Rooms include a bigger private bathroom, hot water, hair drier, air conditioning, cable T.V., phone, mini-fridge, safety box, and electric door locks.

Premium rooms – sleep up to six people – furnished with two double beds, one sofa and one rollaway beds. Built with a terrace, a wardrobe, and bigger private bathroom. They are equipped with hot water, hair drier, air conditioning, cable T.V., phone, mini-fridge, safety box, and electric door locks.

Villa – sleeps up to nine people. The two-floor villas feature one bedroom, living room, wardrobe and kitchen, dining table with six chairs on the first floor and a large room with Arenal-Volcano view terrace, T.V. room with sofa bed on the second floor.

Villas are decked with a bigger private bathroom, a closet, hot water, hair drier, air conditioning, plasma cable T.V., phone, mini-fridge, safety box, and electric door locks.

Services and Amenities

Pamper yourself at the Fangus Spa with a clay, coffee, chocolate, coconut, salt almonds or tropical fruit body wrap. Treat yourself to a reflexology, hot stone or Swedish massage. Or, simply recharge your energy at the spa's steam room.

Splash in the largest hot springs pool, dance to the rhythm of the Lemnos Wet Bar with hit music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Sip on a fruit smoothie or any of the 56 cocktails and enjoy the view of the volcano from the bar. Snack on finger food such as burgers, tacos, rice with chicken or meat fajitas.

Wander into the tropical gardens of Los Lagos Hotel, Spa and Resort to try your first-hand wildlife experience in its natural enclosures hosting frogs, crocodiles, butterflies and ants. These enclosures at the time of our visits were not well maintained.

Take a close look at the frog enclosure and see if you can catch strawberry poison dart frog – do not touch them – sticking their forked tongue out to catch ants, insects or worms. Or, look closely to the vegetation to see if you can spot a motionless camouflage red eyed tree frog hiding in the foliage during the day time.

Walk by the crocodile enclosure to see the 12 feet (4m) crocodile with its 3,000lbs per square inch of jaw power – one of the strongest bite of an animal – and smaller caimans hanging out, opening their mouth to regulate their temperature and getting their vitamin C from the sun or eating fish, amphibians and other smaller animals.

See new butterflies emerge and take their first flights in the mornings or just enjoy them fluttering around the gardens. Take a look how the caterpillars feeding from leaves and camouflages with the foliage for survival.

Insect lovers can try their luck finding the queen ant in the looking-through glass underground leaf-cutter ant home where you can see ants bringing pieces of leaves from specific plants from the surface to the underground and chew and mulch them to harvest underground mushrooms that their 7-million ant colony feeds from. Ant size and specific task in the colony is determined by the type of food they are fed at their larval stage.

Las Palmas Restaurant

Breakfast: 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m
Lunch: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Dinner: 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Capacity: 300 people
Dress code: casual, shorts and t-shirt okay, swimwear not allowed.

Los Lagos Hotel, Spa and Resort features thatch roof, airy Las Palmas Restaurant with views to the gardens, hot springs

Las Palmas Restaurant mostly offers patrons delectable fresh food with great variety all-you-can-eat buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An a la carte menu is served when the number of guests at the hotel and hot springs is low.

Breakfast buffet include everything you could think of from fresh fruit, salads to omelets made to order, eggs to your taste (including eggs benedict), sausages, bacon, ham, cheese, the famous rice and beans, pancakes, whole wheat and standard bread, peanut butter, regular butter, milk cereals and fresh fruit juices including orange juice, coffee and teas

Lunch and dinner buffets include grilled, fried or baked pork, beef, fish and chicken, rice, beans, potatoes, fresh lettuce, salad mezclums with three to four dressing choices (thousand island, ranch, oil vinegar, etc.), diced vegetables mixed with meat, and much more.

A la carte menu features the traditional dishes such as Gallo Pinto (a mixed of rice and beans seasoned with light spices) served with eggs, sausage, sweet ripe plantain for breakfast or Casados for lunch and dinner (a portion of meat (fish, pork, beef or chicken) served with rice, beans, diced vegetables, and salad), sweet ripe plantains. Other dishes include fresh fish (tilapia, salmon, trout, tuna, prawns) and meat cuts such as beef tenderloin, strip stakes from cattle raised in Los Lagos Farm.

For last minute memories, Los Lagos Hotel Spa and Resort's souvenir shop offers magnets, plates, cups, glasses to decorate your living room back at home and a large collection of antique photo replicas of Arenal Volcano throughout the years.


Thatch roof airy giant palapa restaurant with views to the gardens, hot springs and ample spaces to host hundreds of people.


Laid-back friendly staff and it is mostly self-serve.

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