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Magellan Inn

Magellan Inn

Destination: Cahuita

Manicured gardens wrap around Magellan Inn's six rooms concealing Costa Rica's natural treasures: the scent of Chanel No. 5 from blooming ylang ylang trees, blossoming ginger flowers, pepper and vanilla plants, passion fruit trees and fossilized coral overgrown with moss and ferns.

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The lush flora that surrounds the Magellan Inn lends to its intimate experience, hidden on a dirt road outside of Cahuita, just a quarter-mile from Playa Grande and a half-mile from Playa Negra.  Visit the beach, unwind around the pool, join a yoga class in the outdoor studio, explore the gardens, read in a hammock and experience the tranquility and relaxation of the Magellan Inn, a boutique hotel emphasizing Costa Rica's natural beauty.


Rustic French-style double doors open each of Magellan Inn's rooms to the courtyard and garden letting the breeze and roll over the patio into the rooms. Elegantly decorated with wood and white cement walls, each standard room, $50, from May to October with continental breakfast, is furnished with either a king size-bed or two double beds, a ceiling fan, mirror, table and dresser.


Hotel Owner Terry Newton is a trained chef who prepares meals using organic ingredients, many of which come from her gardens.  The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from December to April and July through September, but only open for breakfast the rest of the year.

The continental breakfast includes freshly picked fruit like watermelon, pineapple and papaya plus biscuits, jam, butter, natural juice and a choice of coffee or tea. A small menu offers eggs – from the inn's chicken coop – and pastries for an additional charge.

Service and amenities

Magellan inn has a pool and a yoga studio where classes are regularly held in the mornings and evenings from December to April and July through September. In addition, Terry offers horseback riding tours through the jungle and to the beach. In perhaps, one of the most unique tours we've ever heard of, Terry offers a yoga, horsemanship class where visitors practice yoga and meditation with the horses and ride bareback through the ocean.

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