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Playa Negra-Cahuita

Playa Negra-Cahuita

Quick Facts

  • Location : Cahuita
  • Altitude : Sea level
  • Type : Volcanic sands, fossilized reef
  • Popularity : surfers, fishermen and visitors

Volcanic sands the color of ash and charcoal recline in a flat plane into the electric blue Caribbean Sea along the shores of Playa Negra, a mile-long beach in Cahuita.

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The trunks of sea almond trees grow crooked, reaching toward the sea, shading stretches of the beach excellent for escaping Cahuita oppressive sun. Nearby, massive golden seeds ripen on the coconut palms, the earth below them riddled with hairy coconuts ready to eat. Fossilized reef, ten thousand years old juts from the shores in small eddies on the south end of the beach, bleached white by the sun and eaten away by the surf.

Surf season on Playa Negra lasts from December to March when the biggest waves roll in. The best season for snorkeling, swimming and fishing lasts from September to October when the seas are calm and the surf gently laps against the shore.

Visitors should take care while swimming and watch for the rip currents that are common.

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