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Bribri Reservation

Quick Facts

  • Location : 11 miles southwest of Cahuita
  • Altitude : 328 feet above sea level
  • Hours : Reservation required

Escape the city for a hike into the depths of the sweeping Talamanca Mountains with a local tour guide from one of Cahuita's tour operators. Treks weave through the rainforest and wade through streams to reach the Volio Waterfall, a 50-foot cascade mountain spring water that plunges into a swimming pool beneath – so make sure to bring a swim suit.

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More than just a wildlife reserve, The Bribri Reservation is famous for its chocolate products. For hundreds of years, the Bribri tribe has grown cacao trees, a tree they see as sacred, and used its beans for important rituals and traditional remedies. Chocolate tours take visitors into Bribri homes, where cacao artisans go through each step of the chocolate-making process, from cacao harvest to chocolate bar. Best of all, delicious, homemade chocolate is available for purchase at the end of each tour. The Bribri Reservation is several miles southwest of Cahuita, approximately a 25-minute drive.

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