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Playa Grande - Cahuita

Playa Grande - Cahuita

Quick Facts

  • Location : Cahuita to Limon
  • Type : volcanic sands
  • Popularity : surfers, fishermen and visitors

For a long, immersive stroll down a beach that seems to stretch endlessly toward the horizon step onto Playa Grande's 25 miles of surf and sand that runs down the coastline from Cahuita to Limon.

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Sandy patches of crab grass and short, stubby coconut palms grow along the tops of the beach giving way to smoke-colored sand retreating into the sea in a color gradient waxing tobacco brown where freshly dampened sand meets the incoming surf.

The finely eroded volcanic sand feels silky between your toes while sun bleached coconuts and driftwood logs break up the monotony of the seemingly endless expanse of beach.

From September to October the waves roll onto the beach like ripples from a stone cast across the pond, but from December through March the waves grow big enough to ride making Playa Grande a popular surf sport.

Signs on the beach warn swimmers to watch for the strong rip currents.

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