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Duty Free Articles

Duty Free Articles

Customs considers all items, used or new, for personal or professional use to be duty free, as long as they are not intended for resale or commercial purposes. Your personal and professional items must be in quantities proportional to your length of stay. Duty-free items that you may carry as luggage include the following:

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Video cameras
Digital or film cameras
Sound recorders
TV receiver
Laptop, notebook or netbook computer
Portable typewriter

Personal/Tourist Items

Alcoholic Beverages (5 liters of wine or liquor for travelers 18+)
Makeup and cosmetics
Personal hygiene products
Medicines/Narcotics (If by prescription, you may be asked to provide a copy of the prescription)
Food (commercially processed)
Portable musical Instruments
Musical instruments accessories 
Medical equipment
Disposable items
Film or magnetic tape (six rolls per traveler) 
Portable baby/children's gear
Tools and manual instruments related to the traveler's occupation
Non-commercial recordings and photographs
500 grams (1.10 pounds) of tobacco product – travelers 18+
2 kilos (4.41 pounds) candy – travelers 18+
Camping equipment 
Wheelchair (if you are disabled)

Sports Items

Basketball equipment
Baseball equipment
Tennis equipment
Exercise clothing
Tennis shoes 
Other portable sports equipment or items 

Hunting Equipment

Firearms & Ammunition: Shotgun or rifle for hunting  
Five hundred bullets

Note: Household items, new or used, are excluded from this list and may be taxed, depending on your circumstances. For Customs purposes, household items are defined as those products that may be used in a house and include large appliances, beds, kitchen implements and appliances, dryer, sheets and towels, toys, personal clothing, books, paintings, and family photos.

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