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Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

People who are at least 18 years old may bring in up to five liters of alcoholic beverages duty free for personal use. Quantities above this limitation are considered commercial imports and are subject to Customs duty that ranges between 103% and 135% of the market value of the liquor. An alcoholic beverage import permit issued by the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica is also required. If you do not have the permits, your merchandise will be stored at a Customs warehouse until you obtain the permits.

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Alcoholic Beverage Import Permit

To apply for this permit you or a Customs broker on your behalf must register as an alcoholic beverage importer stating the type of products that you intend to import to Costa Rica at the Office of Registry and Control of the Ministry of Health (Departamento de Registros y Controles del Ministerio de Salud). The average time to get the import permit is one week.

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