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Firearms & Ammunition

Firearms & Ammunition

Firearms and ammunition are subject to restrictions and import permits approved by The Congress of Costa Rica (Asamblea Legislativa) and the Ministry of Public Security (Ministerio de Seguridad Publica.)

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Applications to import weapons may be filed by or through a licensed importer, dealer, manufacturer, or a person. Permits to import war weapons -airplanes, tanks, rifled barrel, etc.- are issued by the Congress of Costa Rica. Permits to carry personal weapons in Costa Rica are issued by the Ministry of Public Security. The red tape to issue these permits may take up to three months.

Weapons, ammunition, or other devices prohibited by the Costa Rican government will not be admitted into Costa Rica unless specifically authorized by the Congress of Costa Rica and Ministry of Public Security. The Embassy of Costa Rica and the Government of Costa Rica discourage people from traveling with their personal weapons. However, if you want to bring a handgun, a revolver, or a pistol to Costa Rica, you must follow the following procedure: 

1. Inform the airline that you are traveling with a weapon.

2. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, your weapon will remain at the Customs office until you provide the following permits:

  •      Weapon Entrance Permit issued by the Customs/airport authorities.

  •      Weapon Circulation Permit issued by the Ministry of Public Security 

3. Once you have those permits, bring them to the Customs Office and your weapon will be released.

4. Then, you will be required to register your weapon at the Ministry of Public Security in the Department of Firearms and Ammunitions. You may be required to show your police record authenticated by a Consulate of Costa Rica, and to take a psychological test to evaluate your personality traits.

Note: If you are caught traveling with your weapon without the appropriate permits and registrations in Costa Rica, your weapon will be confiscated and you will be fined.

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