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Fresh grilled lobster and Jamaican jerk chicken cooked over open flames beside pots simmering with coconut milk and Caribbean spices fill the air with the aroma of the Caribbean. Cahuita's food has soul. It's etched into the history of the town, from its origins as a fishing village to the immigration of Afro-Caribbean people to work in the cacao and banana farms outside Cahuita.

One of Cahuita's most popular local dishes is its seafood Carpaccio, made with thinly sliced marlin, sea bass or other fish, marinated in lemandarin juice topped with red onion, capers, a splash of olive oil, a sprinkle of coarse-ground black pepper and served with slices of toasted white bread.

Central Cahuita

Central Cahuita is home to the majority of Cahuita's restaurants. Walk anywhere in its six-block radius and you'll find roadside sodas (small family-owned restaurants), bars, seafood restaurants, pizzerias and cafes. Many of the most popular restaurants are located in the town's center near the park.

Playa Negra

It wouldn't hurt to stop in Sobre Las Olas for a bite to eat on your way over to Playa Negra. It's one of the more popular seafood restaurants in town and it's right by the coal-black beach. There aren't too many other restaurants in this part of town, but those you'll find are packed closely together a mile north of Cahuita along Playa Negra. There you'll find generally overpriced beach eats and bar food among the area's lively rasta-inspired bars.

Main Restaurants in Cahuita

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