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Cahuita's tropical coastline is cast in shades of black and white where sandy beaches stretch for miles broken up by fossilized coral, tide pools and rocky shoreline.  The shady coastal forest greets the ocean inside Cahuita National Park, the town's main attraction, featuring 23,000 acres of marshes, rivers, beaches, rainforest and coral reef harboring a vibrant display of Costa Rican wildlife. The nearby Hitoy-Cerere, Kekoldi and Bribri Native American reserves offer a foray into the Talamanca Mountains to experience the Costa Rica's rich historical legacy as well as waterfalls, streams, evergreen and rainforests. For up-close encounters with two- and three-toed sloths, visit the Sloth Rescue Center.

Main Attractions in Cahuita

Bocuare Jungle more > Bribri Indigenous Reserve more > Cahuita Butterfly Garden more > Cahuita National Park - Costa Rica Cahuita National Park Razed by the folds of ten thousand waves, the shimmering sands of Playa Blanca glow in the afternoon sunlight. The ... more > Finca La Isla Botanical Garden more > Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge - Costa Rica Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge Step inside overgrown cacao forests. Walk on hard packed sand trails along the Caribbean coast. Touch balmy sands ... more > Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve Named by the Bribri, this quiet reserve's name means "wooly clear waters." In other words, it never ceases to rain ... more > Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve The Kekoldi people were once part of the Bribri indigenous tribe, but formed their own, separate group years ago. ... more > Playa Blanca - Cahuita - Costa Rica Playa Blanca - Cahuita A sprawling embankment of white sand parched by the sun's rays and washed by the breaking waves of the Caribbean ... more > Playa Blanca - Manzanillo - Costa Rica Playa Blanca - Manzanillo Coarse golden grains of sand mix with the smooth pebbles of eroded seashells along the shores of Playa Blanca ... more > Playa Grande - Cahuita - Costa Rica Playa Grande - Cahuita For a long, immersive stroll down a beach that seems to stretch endlessly toward the horizon step onto Playa ... more > Playa Negra-Cahuita - Costa Rica Playa Negra-Cahuita Volcanic sands the color of ash and charcoal recline in a flat plane into the electric blue Caribbean Sea along the... more > Sloth Rescue Center - Costa Rica Sloth Rescue Center They found Toyota the three-toed sloth at the bottom of an electrical post. She was burnt, malnourished and showing... more > Talamanca Cabecar Indigenous Reserve The Talamanca Cabecar Indigenous Reserve is home to approximately 10,000 Cabecar, the largest indigenous group in ... more > Veragua Rain Forest Reserve more >

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