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Puerto Viejo Attractions

A ribbon of white sand beaches curls around the Puerto Viejo coastline. In turns sun-bleached and shaded underneath coastal almonds and palm trees, the beaches are the primary habitats for guests seeking the tranquility and beauty of the southern Caribbean. Swim off-shore among the reefs for a respite from the sun and a look into a world beneath the waves; a vibrant and colorful world of tropical fish, sponges and coral. Immerse yourself in the rainforest among the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge , the Kekoldi and BriBri reservations and the Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve or meet the Puerto Viejo's wildlife at the Jaguar Rescue Center then explore a cacao forest along one of Puerto Viejo's chocolate tours.

Main Attractions in Puerto Viejo

Cahuita National Park - Costa Rica Cahuita National Park Razed by the folds of ten thousand waves, the shimmering sands of Playa Blanca glow in the afternoon sunlight. The ... more > ChocoRart Cacao Plantation more > Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge - Costa Rica Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge Step inside overgrown cacao forests. Walk on hard packed sand trails along the Caribbean coast. Touch balmy sands ... more > Jaguar Rescue Center - Costa Rica Jaguar Rescue Center There's nothing quite like the joy of a playful young monkey dangling from a rope by its tail taking fruit from the... more > Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve The Kekoldi people were once part of the Bribri indigenous tribe, but formed their own, separate group years ago. ... more > Playa Blanca - Manzanillo - Costa Rica Playa Blanca - Manzanillo Coarse golden grains of sand mix with the smooth pebbles of eroded seashells along the shores of Playa Blanca ... more > Playa Chiquita - Costa Rica Playa Chiquita Small waves push the crisp transparent blue waters over the cream-colored sands of Playa Chiquita, changing them to... more > Playa Cocles - Costa Rica Playa Cocles Playa Cocles' bronze sand spreads in a broad swath from the tide line to the street, a great place for a pick-up ... more > Playa Negra - Puerto Viejo - Costa Rica Playa Negra - Puerto Viejo A single, resilient coastal almond sapling grows from a husk that was once a barge carrying out cacao and bananas ... more > Punta Uva - Costa Rica Punta Uva A crisp breeze brings the taste of salt to your lips as you stand on the golden sand of Punta Uva looking out over ... more > Salsa Brava, Playa Chino and Parquecito - Costa Rica Salsa Brava, Playa Chino and Parquecito A yarn of white sand and blue water unravels along Puerto Viejo's coast forming Playa Chino, Salsa Brava and ... more > Sloth Rescue Center - Costa Rica Sloth Rescue Center They found Toyota the three-toed sloth at the bottom of an electrical post. She was burnt, malnourished and showing... more > Veragua Rain Forest Reserve more >

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75°F (24°C) Cloudy

Humidity: 96%

Wind: 1.86 miles per hour, ENE

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Friday, May 24, 2019
High 3:46 a.m. 0.59 ft. (0.18 m.)
Low 10:58 a.m. -0.66 ft. (-0.2 m.)
High 5:47 p.m. 0.23 ft. (0.07 m.)
Low 9:41 p.m. 0 ft. (0 m.)

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