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Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer Vacations

Costa Rica is a paradise of lush terrains, active volcanoes and sublime beaches. Each year, thousands of visitors are delighted by the wildlife and friendly people in this unique country.

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Unlike a typical holiday where interactions with locals are limited to hotels and tours, volunteer vacations enable participants to learn the regional customs, language and cuisine while giving something of themselves in the process. Through their efforts in community projects, volunteers are rewarded with new friendships and a deeper understanding of their host country and its inhabitants.

There are many different organizations offering volunteer opportunities, and time commitments can range from one week to several months. After matching a potential volunteer’s interests and skills to an appropriate project, a volunteer is typically offered a package that includes lodging and meals with a local family, transportation, training, language courses and medical insurance.

Opportunities are varied in Costa Rica and include projects that will interest almost everyone, such as sea turtle nesting protection, working with rural communities, sustainable farming, wildlife rehabilitation programs, women’s cooperatives, orphanages, elementary schools and medicinal plant projects among others. For those considering a volunteer vacation, it is important to carefully research your volunteer tour operator and all of the options available for your destination. It is also recommended that you speak with past volunteers, who can provide useful feedback about their experiences with a particular organization. 

If the two-year commitment with the Peace Corps sounds a little too daunting, a two-week volunteer vacation in Costa Rica affords a similar experience: one that is feasible, challenging, fun, and provides a lasting connection with the culture.

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