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Seasoned travelers know that it pays to have good insurance when traveling abroad. Check to see if your current policies and credit cards provide the coverage you need. Often, credit cards will provide partial rental car insurance, and homeowner's insurance policies may cover lost or stolen documents, money or other valuables. If coverage is available but not included in your current policy or plan, consider upgrading.

Health insurance is a must when traveling to Costa Rica. Many national plans already include an overseas medical insurance component, so before purchasing additional insurance, call your company to ask. If your company offers no international coverage, don't despair; travel insurance companies provide various policies that can help with health emergencies and accidents while abroad.

Travel health insurance for a one-month vacation generally starts around $35 for a healthy young adult, purchasing $50,000 maximum coverage with no deductible. A family of four will pay $70+ for the same policy. Generally, these supplemental policies will cover most medical costs, including hospital stays, ambulance services, emergency dental work, evacuation, and other health care. Some policies also cover lost baggage costs, trip interruption and other unforeseen problems that may arise.