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Discovery Horseback

Discovery Horseback

Destination: Jaco, Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas, Esterillos


  • Ride along the beach or into the primary rainforest
  • Enjoy a spa treatment in cascading natural pools in the rainforest
  • Get to know your horse while learning about natural horsemanship


  • Location : 2 locations, one near Hermosa beach, one near Esterillos Este beach
  • Hours : 8:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.
  • Telephone : 8838-7550
  • Time length : 3 hours
  • Price : $85 per person

When you pick-up a rental car you don't think twice about jumping in the driver's seat and starting her up and it might be the same when jumping on a horse on some riding tours in Costa Rica, but not at Discovery Horseback.

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Owners and guides, Chris and Andrea Wady, take special care to pick out a horse that suits the rider's experience level and personality. First come the introductions, look your horse in eye and give 'em the horseman's handshake (lift your hand to the horse's nose so he/she can smell you), then you take him/her for a spin in the parking lot... errr corral.

Fifteen out of the 17 horses have been rescued from an unhealthy environment and rehabilitated into happy, healthy horses.  And it shows. You can see it in their eyes when they look at you, even more when you ride them. Every horse has his/her own personality, some are gallant and steadfast, some natural leaders while others are mischievous; yet all of them are friendly, calm and responsive. Push the reins forward and they'll walk, pull the reins back and they'll stop. If you want to canter, just imagine it while you move the reins forward and the horse will understand.

The Jungle Spa tour

Discovery Horseback Riding's most popular tour is at an 1,800-acre farm and private rainforest reserve 25 minutes outside Jaco. The tour begins at the stables and takes riders through grassy meadows, pastures and hay fields. Experienced riders can use the opportunity to canter or gallop before heading into the depths of the rainforest.

Technically it's a primary rainforest, with trees older than your grandparents and 20 times as tall. Dark and dense with flora, the horses casually step over roots and pass through creeks until you reach the waterfall. Cool, spring-fed waters cascades between natural pools. A terracotta bowl filled volcanic spa mud sits beside them, waiting for guests to slather themselves in the skin-cleansing mud. After the photo-op, wash off in the pool and enjoy a snack of pineapple and watermelon before riding back out.

The Pacific beach tour

Riding the reflective sands at low tide along the Playa Esterillos Este feels like you're on the back of a travel brochure. The ocean breeze presses against your face as your horse trots along the tide line, waves occasionally splashing against the horse's hooves. The beach is long, flat and secluded; perfect for beginners wanting a relaxing ride beside the ocean or more advanced riders looking to gallop along the coast.

Departure & Return

  • Departure point : Tour departs from all major hotels in Herradura, Jaco, Playa Hermosa Puntarenas
  • Departure time : Hotel pickup is between 20 and 50 minutes before tour start time depending on hotel location.
  • Return details : Tour returns to original departure point between three and four hours after tour start time

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