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Adventure Nosara Stand Up Paddle and Kayak

Adventure Nosara Stand Up Paddle and Kayak

Destination: Alajuela


  • Paddle down and up the Nosara River toward Playa Nosara
  • Float quietly next to baby crocodiles
  • See mangrove forest, the Nosara River and Playa Nosara in the same day


  • Price : $85 per person
  • Location : Nosara River mouth, just south of Playa Nosara

With feet unsteady, like the first few steps of a toddler, you slowly make your way from kneel to upright position on your board, as cormorants and great egrets applaud your success while you glide along the Nosara River mouth.

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Adjust your 10-foot long stand up paddle board or kayak to the ripple of the water. Just like that, you're one with nature alongside baby crocodiles and large black lizards.

Drift in the calm waters seamlessly across a mile-long stretch of mangrove forest toward the secluded peppery sands of Playa Nosara. Watch for snook fish floundering around the river's surface, occasionally plopping onto the fronts of boards, only to slip back into the water like nothing ever happened. Look up to see the little green, blue and tiger herons dazzled by the fish moving in and out of the water below.

Pull up to the riverbank, drop your board or kayak and head to the beach for some watermelon and cold water.  Sit virtually unnoticed, as the blue waves come crashing to the shoreline taking back into the sea a portion of the volcanic rock on the Playa Nosara.

Fully rested, get back on your board or kayak, and stream back to Nosara River mouth, soaking in the last moments of the calm river before the shuttle arrives to take you back to your hotel.

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