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Park Cafe

Park Cafe

Park Café's British Chef and Owner Richard Neat, an international restaurateur and self-published author, combines flavors from India, Morocco, Spain, Russia, France and England with local fresh ingredients, handcrafting one of the most unique and exquisite dining experiences in Costa Rica.

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Interwoven with a private collection of global artwork, Park Café’s dining courtyard sets a soothing scene with bronze sculptures, stone objects, armoires, wooden chairs, benches, and extravagant door antiques, allowing visitors a chance to explore with both their eyes and their pallets.

Park Café features a sophisticated-tapas tasting menu with 18 dishes served on fossilized wood boards or piled high in the center of pristine white dinnerware, integrating gastronomy with artistry, to create bold flavors of a true fusion cuisine.

Every dish evokes sweet, salty, tangy, and rich flavors that make you wanderlust through Chef Neat's travel memories, savored within layers of creamy Indian curry spices, fresh Mediterranean paella or creamy Italian gnocchi.  Presented with refinement, the succulent tastes of the food creations embellish tender portions of meat and seafood with garnishes like caramelized celery, frizzled onion rings and fresh herbs.

Our favorites were:

  • Pan-seared scallop wrapped in prosciutto over parmesan risotto, topped with fried spring onions, $6

  • Paella-stuffed calamari, topped with frizzled onion rings, $6

  • Sautéed shrimp with asparagus, over curry sauce and basmati rice, $10

  • Smoked salmon tower filled with cauliflower veloute, garnished with a romaine lettuce leaf, $9

  • Rare tuna, tangy tomato confit wrapped in red snapper, eggplant puree, topped with asparagus spears, $10

  • Grilled pork stuffed with prunes, Gorgonzola cream gnocchi, pesto sauce, topped with Spanish chorizo and caramelized celery, $11

Round out the meal with supple sweetness crafted with finesse, a five-dessert sampler, $18, including crème brûlée and a gooey caramelized pineapple topped with coconut ice cream and a sprig of fresh mint.


With a contemporary atmosphere and a curious edge, guests dine among a dimly lit courtyard antique shop offering unique collectibles like aged furniture, artisanal crafts and accessories, surrounding a garden fountain.


The kitchen staff and waiters work closely together, making for pristine and efficient service. Every so often, chef Neat presents his own food creations to guests directly.


Tasting menu $5-13; Entrees $5-15


Open 5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m; closed Mondays

(Aug. 15-Nov. 15 closed)

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