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Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Clinica San Miguel

Founded in 2000, this clinic is the only private hospital in the city of Alajuela. It offers quality medical care and luxury recovery facilities. 

  • Located on Calle Real, two and a half blocks west of the Juan Santamaria Museum 

  • Accepts national insurance policies

  • Specializes in pain management, ophthalmology, gynecology, and minor surgery including colonoscopy, gastroscopy and endoscopy. 

  • Contact: 2442-5958 

Clinica Santa Rita

The first hospital to receive the "Certification of Authorization" from the Ministry of Health, Santa Rita has been in operation since 1965. In addition to hospital services, the clinic also has prenatal care, a pharmacy and an onsite laboratory.

  • Located in San Jose, Avenida 8, Calles 15 and 17, on the southern side of the Supreme Court

  • Specializes in gynecology-obstetrics & maternity, nutrition, orthopedics and radiology. 

  • Contact: 2221-6433 / 2255-1618 

Clinica Unibe

Working hand-in-hand with the Universidad de Iberoamerica (UNIBE), this medium-sized clinic is one of Costa Rica's premier teaching facilities. The hospital encourages preventative medicine and emphasizes compassionate patient care.

  • Located in Tibas, San Jose, three blocks east of ICE

  • Accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and is a member of the Global Healthcare Network.

  • Accepts national and international insurance policies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, and TravelGuard Americas, among others.

  • Specializes in internal medicine, gynecology & obstetrics, surgery and general medicine. Facilities include technology for endoscopies, electrocardiograms and echocardiograms.

  • Contact: 2297-6300 

Hospital CIMA

Recognized as one of Costa Rica's top private hospitals, CIMA is the go-to facility for many Central Valley expats. Founded in 1994, CIMA boasts bilingual staff, many of whom were educated in the United States and Europe.

  • Located in Escazu, on the Prospero Fernandez Highway

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission International and affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center

  • Accepts national and international insurance policies, including Aetna Global Benefits, Cigna International, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Guardian Life, among others.

  • Specializes in ambulatory surgery, neonatology, maternity care, physical therapy, intensive care, and psychiatry/psychology. Equipment includes CT Scans, mammograms and fluoroscopy.

  • Contact: 2208-1000 

Hospital Clinica Biblica

One of San Jose's big three private hospitals, Clinica Biblica was established in 1929 as a pediatric hospital. It slowly expanded to included maternity care and general surgeries, and is today one of Latin America's best private hospitals.

  • Located in San Jose, on Avenida 14, Calles Central and Primera

  • Accredited by Joint Commission International and affiliated with the Ochsner Medical Institute & Tulane University School of Medicine

  • Accepts some international insurance policies. May require upfront payment, which your insurance company will reimburse.

  • Specializes in cardiology, maternity care and preventative medicine. State-of-the-art technology includes EKGs and 4-D ultrasound.

  • Contact: 2522-1000 

Hospital Metropolitano

With a mission to integrate modern technology, professional ethics, and patient wellbeing, this small hospital offers a wide range of services. 

  • Located in San Jose, on Avenida 8 and Calle 14

  • Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care 

  • Accepts national insurance through INS

  • Specializes in pediatrics, urology, gastroenterology, oncology and dermatology, among others

  • Contact: 2222-4411 

Hospital Cristiano Jerusalem

Founded in 1981, this private hospital emphasizes preventative medicine, offering several pre-packaged well-plans for men and women. 

  • Located in El Alto de Guadalupe, San Jose, 1 block east of the Shell Service Station

  • Specializes in women's health, maternity care, cosmetic surgery and metabolic syndromes 

  • Contact: 2216-9191 

Hospital Hotel La Catolica

This renowned private hospital offers luxury lodging through its Posada el Convento Hotel. The hospital was founded by an organization of Franciscan nuns 1952, thus earning its name as the Catholic Hospital, though the facilities are open to all faiths.

  • Located in San Antonio de Guadalupe, San Jose at the southern corner of the court house

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission International

  • Accepts national and international insurance policies; contact the Insurance Office 2246-3147 for specifics.

  • Specializes in endocrinology, cardiology, pediatrics and vascular surgery, among others. Leading technology includes magnetic resonance machines, a hyperbaric chamber, 4-D ultrasound and CT scans.

  • Contact: 2246-3000

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