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Courier Services

Courier Services

Post Office EMS

Costa Rica’s Post Office offers a type of courier service dubbed EMS. Using a combination of online tracking and express postal service, EMS is fast and secure for delivering documents and packages around the country. In urban areas, items are delivered within 24 hours; in rural towns, delivery may take up to two days. The maximum weight for packages is 66 pounds (30 kilograms).

Sample Costs:

  • Letter/Light Documents: 900 CRC

  • Package (2 pounds): 1,600 CRC

  • Package (11 pounds): 4,500 CRC

Bus Service: Encomienda

Costa Rica’s public bus companies, which provide daily service between most major areas, offer the option to “mail” packages onboard their buses – with pickup and drop-off at any terminal along their routes. Clients receive a receipt number after paying for the service; the number is relayed to the package recipient, who can retrieve the package at the destination bus terminal. For large packages, this service is reliable, fast and very cost effective. 

To contract encomienda service, call or visit the bus company that provides service to the package’s destination. In general, walk-ins are permitted, but it is best to verify company policies regarding packages – contents, weigh limits, costs, etc. – in advance.

Sample Costs:

  • San Jose to Arenal (small package): 2,500 CRC

  • San Jose to Manuel Antonio (mid-sized package): 1,500 CRC

  • San Jose to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (large package): 2,100 CRC

Private Courier Companies

In addition to Costa Rica’s EMS service, the country is full of private courier companies. Similar to messenger services in big cities, an employee of the courier company will pick up packages or documents at any residence or business address, and deliver the item directly to its destination. In most cases, items are delivered immediately, and the courier is responsible only for one item at a time.

Services: Mass pickups & deliveries throughout the origin and destination areas. This is not an immediate delivery service.

  1. One-way express: Motorcycle delivery of one item. 

  2. Two-way express: Motorcycle delivery and return of an item, often signed documents. 

  3. Economic Package: Mass pickup and delivery of packages. Advanced notice of at least 24 hours is often required.

  4. Express Package: Immediate pickup and delivery of any package. A two-hour advanced notice is often required.

  5. Dedicated Messenger: Usually reserved for corporate use, this service puts a motorcycle messenger at the client’s disposal for an entire day. 

Sample Costs:

  • One-way express (San Jose-Drake Bay): 80,000 CRC

  • Two-way express (within the Central Valley): 20,000 CRC

  • Economic Package (San Jose-Liberia): 20,000 CRC

Costa Rica's Private Couriers

Bms Mensajeria Metropolitana Ltda; 2230-3514 or 8920-0695

Colex Colibri Express Worldwide; 2291-2474 or 2291-2473

Condor Express; 2258-5151

Corporacion Madrigal & Figueroa Mensajeria; 8353-8766

Enkargo Mensajeria y Paqueteria; 2271-0055

Jireh Mensajeria; 2224-8345

Maxxi Mensajeria; 2222-1191

Mensajeria Diesa; 2234-7114

Mensajeria Express Justo a Tiempo; 2262-3810 or 8830-6000

Mensajeria Mau; 2281-3071 or 8380-7982

Mensajeria Piscis; 2296-6246

Mensajeria Precisa; 2591-1111

Novus Mensajeria; 2665-4641 or 2665-4638

Ofimensajeros Express; 2271-4600 or 2271-3233

Presto Mensajeria; 2290-6868

Rapimensajeros Metropolitanos; 8815-6670

Seguri Xpress Mensajeria; 8379-8102

Servicio de Mensajeria Sur-Express; 2260-1797 or 8381-0186

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