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Sound Healers

Sound Healers

Sound healing, or sound therapy, employs the therapeutic use of sound frequencies to promote health and well-being. The general principle behind sound healing is that each component of the human body has its own resonant frequency that creates a complicated and beautiful internal orchestra. When one component, or instrument, is out of tune, it affects the body's symphony, causing illness and general malaise. Sound healing utilizes melodic resonances to bring the body back into harmony.

The emerging field of energy medicine stipulates that everything in the universe, including the human body, is created through and operates on certain frequency patterns. The ethos of sound healing suggests that many of the body's day-to-day problems, like stress or poor memory, are due to missing resonances. Creating and replaying these absent or damaged frequencies allows the body to replace the missing frequencies and heal itself in a peaceful and non-invasive manner. Practitioners of sound therapy report a wide array of positive effects: reduced stress, improved memory, better hearing and processing of sounds, relief from vertigo or dizziness, increased concentration, and an overall improvement in mental focus.

Sound therapy is available in many formats, some of which we are already aware – the tranquilizing effects of a steady downpour, the comfort of a mother's lullaby, or the energizing qualities of pulsing percussion beats. However, sound healing also utilizes specialized instruments to effect healing:

  • Music from nature: The sounds of nature can be very therapeutic, and are the base for many of the calming rhythms found in modern music. For example, the hermit thrush warbles in the same five-tone penta scale common to many soothing Asian melodies. Sound healing compositions often employ the harmonies of nature to impart healing.
  • Tuning forks: Tuning forks come in pairs that resonate off each other, forming a healing ribbon that passes through the body. The most powerful tuning fork combination is believed to be the pairing of C and G forks, which balance the nervous system and induce deep relaxation within 60 seconds.
  • Singing bowls: When played correctly, Bhutanese and Tibetan singing bowls emit rhythmic patterns to promote healing. These harmonic vibrations resonate through the body and help slow heart rate and respiration, soothe the mind, and disrupt the body's pain reflex.
  • Bio-resonance: Audio waves are tuned to specific frequencies to replace the body's missing or damaged resonances. This type of sound therapy is delivered through sound equipment, such as an mp3 player, and usually combines four frequencies into one track, or bio-resonance song.
  • Drumbeats: For thousands of years, Native Americans have used drums to promote healing and spirituality. This form of sound therapy involves drum vibrations, beats and chanting to create healing tones.