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Electricity Rates

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in Costa Rica.

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Charges on consumption under 3,000 kWh

 Electricity Providers
First 200 kWh 67 CRC/kWh 54 CRC/kWh
From 201 to 300 kWh 124 CRC/kWh 67 CRC/kWh
Each KWh over 300KWh 139 CRC/kWh 

Charges on consumption over 3,000 kWh

 Electricity Providers
First 3,000 kWh or less 106 CRC/kWh 147,000 CRC total
Charge per additional kWh 64 CRC 49 CRC/kWh
Charge per KW 9,793 CRC
Charge for first 8 KW 61,144 CRC

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