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Costa Rica Government

Costa Rica Government

Costa Rica's govenment, national parties and cabinet members:

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Government Type

Democratic Republic

Long-Form Country Name

Republic of Costa Rica

Executive Branch  (2010 - 2014)


Laura Chinchilla Miranda

First Vice President

Dr. Luis Liberman Ginsburg

Second Vice President

Dr. Alfio Piva Mesén





Minister of Agriculture and Cattle

Gloria Abraham Peralta

Minister of Culture and Youth

Manuel Obregon

Minister of Economy, Industry and Foreign Trade

Maria de los Angeles Antillon Guerrero

Minister of Public Education

Leonardo Garnier Rimolo

Minister of Environment and Energy

Teofilo de la Torre Arguello

Minister of Finance

Fernando Herrero Acosta

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rene Castro Salazar

Minister of Health

María Luisa Avila Aguero

Minister of Housing

Irene Campos

Minister of Decentralization and Local Governments

Juan Marín Quiros 

Minister of Justice and Peace

Hernando París

Minister of Labor and Social Security

Sandra Piszk

Minister of the Presidency

Marco A. Vargas Diaz

Minister of Public Security and the Interior

Jose Maria Tijerino Pacheco

Minister of Public Works and Transportation

Francisco Jimenez

Minister of Science and Technology

Clotilde Fonseca Obregon

Minister of Sports

Giselle Goyenaga

Minister of Tourism

Carlos Ricardo Benavides Jimenez

President of the Central Bank

Rodrigo Bolanos Zamora

Women's Issues

Maureen Clarke Clarke

Judicial Branch

Supreme Court (Corte Suprema de Justicia)

Democratic Republic

Legal System

Based on Spanish civil law system

Judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court

Costa Rica has not accepted ICJ (International Court of Justice) jurisdiction

Legislative Branch

Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa)  

Assembly Parties 

Assembly Parties

% of Seats

National Liberation Party (PLN)


Civil Action Party (PAC)


Libertarian Movement Party (PML)


Minority Parties




Important Dates 

Independence from Spain

September 15, 1821


November 9, 1949

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