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Zip Lining Sarapiqui: A Family Adventure

Zip Lining Sarapiqui: A Family Adventure

Zip Lining Sarapiqui: A Family Adventure

Destination: Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui

Pepijn, 13, is first. Already buckled to the zipline, Pepjin grips the ropes attached to his harness with his left hand and with his right reaches back and gently grabs hold of the zipline. The guide gives the countdown, Pepjin crosses his legs and he's off; zipping over a valley and into the rainforest near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui.

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It's the first of 14 cables cutting a course over the Sarapiqui River and into the rainforest.

Following the suggestion of their hotel, The Schoenmakers, Theo, Celeste and their children Pepjin,13, and Gaelle,11, joined a canopy tour (also known as a zip lining tour) on Finca La Linda farm; 10km from Puerto Viejo. Though there are many canopy tours in the area, Aventuras has some of the best river views and has the longest lines — the last cable measures nearly half a mile (Pepjin's favorite).

The zip line course is a large figure-eight taking visitors on 12 platforms through the canopies of humid, wet tropical rainforest beside the Sarapiqui River. Some of the trees are more than 10 stories high and the undergrowth is so thick that in many places, the guides have cut holes in it so visitors don't get bushwhacked as they slide through. 

At two different points on the tour, the third and the last cable, visitors cross over the Sarapiqui River. On the last line, the family had a chance to pair up and ride down together. Theo wrapped his arms around his daughter Gaelle as the guide attached their harnesses. Together smiled, waited for the countdown and soared out of the forest over the river and back across the valley to the starting point of the tour.

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