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Tuna Steak Shrimp Kabobs and Coconut Pie

Destination: Tamarindo

Our stay in Tamarindo is brief. We stayed in a hotel that offers apartment rental, too. We chose the room without the kitchenette and sofa and opted for the less expensive room with A/C and cable TV. It was a comfortable room, nothing fancy -- a little expensive for the quality, but customary for the area.

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Tamarindo has many hotels, restaurants and bars and a very well developed commercial area. The shopping here is great: lots of clothing stores, artisan shops and souvenir stores. The prices in Tamarindo are a little higher than other locations in Costa Rica, but the convenience of so many great stores so close together helps make up for that.

The roads in Tamarindo are lousy. The dirt roads are narrow and full of pot holes. With all the development, it's a shame that the roads aren't in better shape.

Surprisingly, there are not many beachside restaurants or bars. We had to search to find the Nogui restaurant, located at the end of the main road on the right side of the rotunda as you face the beach.

Here we enjoyed a sunset and the most delicious dinner; a tuna steak cooked as rare as they would serve it, a grilled shrimp kabob and coconut pie for dessert. They had numerous other pies to choose from but I love anything with coconut. Our waitress was very friendly and enthusiastic about the food. She had been working there more than 8 years and still she says "I come here to eat here on my days off" -- now you know it must be good if she's not tired of the food after all that time.

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