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Tree Frogs Singing Endlessly

Destination: Tortuguero

We are scheduled to change lodges today, but first there is time to explore the elaborate maze of trails that wind through Laguna's botanical garden. It is still raining this morning - pouring in fact- but with rubber boots and ponchos supplied by Laguna, I think we can stay relatively dry. Plus, the best time to hike in the rainforest is when it's raining: there are far fewer mosquitoes.

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Laguna's botanical garden is set in what was a coconut plantation many years ago and is now a regenerating forest. There are many interesting plants and amphibians to spot and it is especially good for bird watching. Migrating birds tend to pass through this forest with frequency, though better viewed on a sunnier day.

Despite the constant rain, there is an assortment of butterflies feeding on plates of rotting fruit set out for their dining pleasure. There are also plenty of insects, mushrooms and songbirds to see amongst the raindrops. Raised beds, inter-looping trails and small pools of water provide habitat for many forest creatures. After about an hour, I am still pretty dry and insect bite free, but ready to get out of the rain.

While waiting for our shuttle boat to take us to Evergreen Lodge, I explore the gift shop and meeting room at Laguna. This large classroom can accommodate student groups and other organizations and is air conditioned. The gift shop located in the same building has unique items and I enjoy perusing through the unique assortment of hand made necklaces and crafts.

Even in the rain the Tortuguero River is beautiful. Evergreen Lodge is located on the land side (as opposed to ocean side) of the River.

The cabin style rooms of Evergreen Lodge are connected by raised walkways. Built over swampy land, the ground below is flooded under at least one foot of water and it is still raining.

Each cabin has screened windows along 2 sides, private baths, fans and a front porch with chairs. Also provided are rubber boots, ponchos and umbrellas. An outdoor coat/unbrella rack helps keep the rooms clean and dry.

Opaque blinds offer plenty of privacy yet allow the sounds of the rainforest to fill the room. Tree frogs sing endlessly as the soft sound of the rain echoes off the tin roofs. It's warm enough to enjoy the rainy weather under the breeze of a ceiling fan while lying in a naturally, dimly lit room. It's just so relaxing.

Evergreen is known for having excellent food. With a more formal dining area, the buffet style meal is attractively displayed with ornate tropical flower arrangements. Fresh veggies perfectly cooked, beef, rice and lasagna. Yummy! The desert was most memorable: fresh mangoes topped with a lemon cream fluff -- absolutely delicious!

The rainy evening calls for card games at the bar. Cheerful music and a delicately lit atmosphere create another soothing evening as I pass another night in Tortuguero.

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