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The Serenity and Beauty of Drake Bay

Destination: Drake Bay

I love waking up here. There is a creek that gurgles off to my left and the gently crashing waves in front of me offer a soothing melancholy along with birds chirping all around. The sun just peaked over the horizon and is now casting its delicate morning rays over the lush vegetation that buffers my porch from the beach front. I am sipping my coffee, breathing deeply and feel oh so relaxed.

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Spiky, round, fat, skinny -- the vegetation is various as are its colors. A dragon fly sits perched on the enormous leaf of an elephant ear plant and the palm trees rustle in the calm breeze. Scarlet macaws squawk noisily overhead as they fly by.

Jinetes de Osa Lodge is a serene place. The entire staff is courteous and sincerely cares about how you are. The overall of mood of the lodge is that of comfort and ease. It's a place most people feel at home instantly, even if they are only here for a few days. The guests I have met have all been sincere and interesting people from all over the world and (Canada, the Arctic, France, Switzerland and the US) and that is just from less than a week of being here. I have found yet another place I feel like I can call home.

I recommend Drake Bay and the Jinetes de Osa lodge to anyone looking for an un-crowded, non-touristy experience in a safe and tranquil setting. I do not recommend it for the tourist looking for white-glove service, luxurious accommodations or five-star resort like settings. While many places here in Drake Bay are very nice and comfortable, they are all on the rustic side.

Not to mention all the activities available here. Excellent diving (experienced or new divers -- you can earn your certification here), Cano Island National Park, Corcovado National Park, horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, bird and wildlife watching, sport-fishing, mangrove tours, canopy tours, night jungle hikes (with the "bug lady" -- she will shed an entirely different light on the world of insects) and kayaking.

I spent the better part of the day photographing. The Aguila de Osa Inn has gardens full of many different types of plants and a nature trail for hiking. One of the other guests, Sue and I enjoyed the early and late morning sunlight and photographed for hours.

We returned in time for a late lunch (would not want to miss that) and the rest of the day was spent catching up on work and staying out of the rain.

The Serenity and Beauty of Drake Bay in Pictures

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