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Soccer Sundays in Tortuguero Village

Destination: Tortuguero

The walk from Laguna Lodge to town takes 30 minutes or so. We begin by walking the path that parallels the beach, but there is no ocean breeze and it is hot! After passing Mawamba Lodge, we make a break for the shore. It is a little slower going walking in the sand, but much, much cooler.

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We spot a few leatherback sea turtle nests along the beach. The large somewhat circular disturbance in the sand is unmistakable. It's getting to be that time of year again, when the green sea turtles come ashore in abundance to lay their eggs. They are already arriving off shore for the mating season that begins soon (some fishermen spotted them not far offshore just the other day).

I did not know how many people lived in the Tortuguero Village until I was around for soccer Sunday. A lot of people come out for Sunday's games. It is the weekly community social event.

The soccer field is situated width-wise along the beach, so from either sideline, palm trees and sand highlight the background, not to mention the always-present ocean breeze. The sidelines are shady, so there is good seating around the field. All of the teams play good soccer.

After the games, the people disappear. The afternoon passes and so does the heat of the day. Fishermen are arriving with the evening's meal and the sun begins to set behind the immense green backdrop of trees that shelter Tortuguero's most interesting creatures.

Evening on the river is delightful. The toads hum and the frogs chirp. The sun casts its last reflections of the day as it sinks below the horizon.

The house geckos scamper up walls and lurk by lights, waiting for the evening's meal to fly by. Some guard the doorways of the rooms, helping to assure a mosquito free night. Nights in Tortuguero are as enchanting as the days. I love it here. It is so peaceful.

Soccer Sundays in Tortuguero Village in Pictures

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