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Samara Ways to Tune into Nature

Destination: Samara

There is something about being at the beach for several days that soothes the spirit. I think it's the consistent crashing of the waves that eventually slows me down. After a day or two, I feel the rhythm of the waves slow my breathing. I feel so relaxed and peaceful.

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After my morning ritual of coffee and a swim, the day just seems to float by.

On my way to the store for the night's meal, I stop at one of my favorite fruit stands to enjoy a pipa fria (cold coconut water). They serve it from a fountain drink dispenser! It's 50 colones for a small cup. I wonder how much they'd charge to fill up my nalgene bottle?

After driving the wrong way down a one way street (it changes to one way for the last block of the road and the signs are not very obvious), I make a quick pass through the mini super for dinner supplies. It looks like we'll be eating another frozen meat tonight because there is no fresh meat to be found in any of the supers in Samara.

I arrive back to the campsite in time to walk again to the tidal pools, but this time, I get there before the high tide moves in. There are tons of shallow rocks, making shallow pools of HOT water. There is not much to find except a few crabs, some cool seaweed and some camouflaged hermit crabs, but its still fun to explore.

After a brilliantly colored sunset, the heat of the day breaks, but suns warmth still radiates from my tanned skin and keeps me warm. Tonight's dinner of frozen hamburgers, chips and salsa, and a Snickers Bar each, fills us up and sends us happily to bed.

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