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Relaxing in Samara

Destination: Samara

It would have been a very relaxing night's sleep except for the very loud alarm that went off in the middle of the night for about 10 minutes at the house right next to our tents. Oh well, I have plenty of time to nap and relax today, I'M AT THE BEACH!

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Early mornings are quiet and calm here. Howler monkeys and parakeets are the dominant sounds, balanced by the constant booming of the waves in the sand. I love to sit and drink my morning coffee as the sun rises. You actually get to see part of a late sunrise over the ocean during this time of year (the beach actually faces southeast).

Its low tide and the ocean is gleaming, just begging for a swim. The water is cool and feels refreshing this morning as the sun has not yet had a chance to heat up the shallow water. What a great way to start the day- coffee and an early morning swim at the beach. ahhh.

During most of the day there is a breeze that keeps me just cool enough as I sit under the shade of the beach almond trees. Down at the waters edge, the sand is fine and appears dark; accenting the white coral pieces that dot the shore line. There are a variety of sea creatures like sand dollars and sand crabs to observe as I migrate to and from the ocean.

As the high tide approaches in the afternoon, more and more surfers meander to the ocean to take advantage of the good surf. Cooler water creeps into the lower stratus of the water and it is even more refreshing, especially during the heat of the day.

The beach itself is part of a cove that makes the waves perfect for beginning surfers at high tide. They say that waves get quite large sometimes, but today they are long, not too slow and just the right size.

Late afternoon is the perfect time in my book for a beach walk. I head towards the tidal pools located at the southwest end of the beach. When I arrive, the high tide has progressed too far and most of the rocks are buried. I divert and head towards the wetland area I had passed on my way here.

Just a short walk up from the ocean shore, a river mouth (I've looked on maps for the river's name, but it is not listed) trickles into the ocean and this wetland area is bordered on each side by mangroves. Here the water is brackish, and there is rumored to have been a crocodile sighting earlier this week. Off in the distance a tree filled with a flock (20+) of snowy egrets gathered to roost for the night glows, as the setting sunlight reflects off their white plumage. Along the river bank there is a guy fishing for snook, but he has not caught anything yet.

As evening approaches the heat of the day is slowly blown off shore. With more energy to cook tonight, I prepare a "gourmet meal". Tonight we'll enjoy chicken quesadillas (once frozen chicken patties cut into strips and grilled with flour tortillas, cheddar and mozzarella cheese and grilled onions), a side of fresh cut tomatoes and sour cream. A few of the resident dogs join us on the periphery, hoping for leftovers. There aren't any.

There are at least two dogs that live at the campground but in the evening, there appear to be even more. I'm not sure if they all live at the campground or just come over to visit. They are all friendly enough, but keep their distance. They understand "NO"!

The dry white sand that now covers my feet is cool and soothing. It is coarse enough that it easily wipes off my feet before getting into the tent; An easy end to an easy day.

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